Setup is a universal setup link or local web browser for the installation for the entire products. You can also get into the setup link by putting in the default IP address of the device you are using. is also default login page where you can make create your own user and passphrase to log into the device setup.

On the off chance that you need to cover bigger zone like building, office, you can utilize Netgear extender to have astounding sign all through required zone and through you can check the coverage of the routers signal for the allocation of the router and the wireless range booster. link is the basic platform to make any kind of alteration or changes in your wireless settings, and it also helps you to keep a check on your firmware update. With you can register your product and look for the warranty and the policy details.

If you need any kind of technical assistance, you can get in touch with online helpdesk through

When you attempt to get to the site set up, to configure your wireless router or range extender, you may get an error message or not be able to associate with the site. This can happen in light of the fact that your PC must not be either physically associated by Ethernet or maybe you are there must be some connectivity issue. In such scenarios you will always find online help in the link.