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How Netgear extenders can solve your Home Connectivity Issues., setup

A general inquiry of property holders in the United States of America while buying wifi switches for their house is: Why do we require a wifi extender? Can't a decent switch fathom the issue of the network?

The Time When Netgear Announced New Extender Range

Though Netgear has been famous for their router and extender devices for over an year now, it was just 3 years ago they decided to bring in the new and exclusive- NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender (EX6100) and AC1200 High Power WiFi Range Extender (EX6200). And since then the world of extenders was never the same again.

Netgear Extenders: Solving Your Home Connectivity Issues.

A general questions of homeowners in United States of America while purchasing wifi routers for their home is : Why do we need a wifi extender? Can’t a good router solve the issue of connectivity?